​More Red Flags, Conflicts of Interest, and Fundraising Fraud

In 2011, Komen created a perfume called “Promise Me.” It contained unsafe chemicals that were deemed toxic and hazardous with negative health effects. The ingredients included galaxolide, an endocrine disruptor, touluene, a possible carcinogen and toxic to the liver, and coumarin, which is toxic to the liver and kidneys and used to kill rodents.

In 2012, Komen partnered with the Coca Cola Company promoting FUZE tea. With 31 grams of sugar, high fructose corn syrup (likely genetically modified), sucralose, and preservatives. Is this a beverage that should be promoted alongside claims to be researching for “the cure” for breast cancer?
In 2013, Yoplait (the yogurt company) held a campaign called “Save Lids to Save Lives.” They donated 10 cents per lid with a special code which consumers could redeem. Yet hormone-laden dairy, sugar, and artificial chemicals have all been linked to cancer.
How can an organization that claims  to be focused on preventing and curing breast cancer partner with companies that sell highly processed fast food, junk food, artificial food, hormone-filled dairy products, and sugar/chemical-laden food and beverages that have had a strong correlation with contributing to cancer? Many of these “pseudo foods” and products are known contributors to cancer causation or progression. Do you think these partnerships are actually contributing to a cure or are they really creating more customers for the cancer industry?

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