PTcWatersInc Party

Hello Friends&Family,

I’m sure is blessing Greatly!! In regards for this Message. I want you help to put one in for the #ChildrenOfTheEighties

As of this year my time will be for the children. We are planning Events for our children. The project  thyme is -“It Takes a Village to Raise a Child” / #TheEightiesBabies Children’s Entrepreneur Trust Fund Project that can sponsor a child for one year and the proceeds are invested waiting for the child to become of the age you wish to start getting cash dividends.

The #PTcWatersInc will be the host paying for the outing for the #EighiesBabies and the Patents/Relatives

It take a Village to raise a child!!


Claude G Weary

#PPTcWatersInc #SmokeMakeMoney

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