You Life us Not Your Own

Our lives are not our own.

Think about that!! Everything on the earth has it’s purpose.

Why do you think that you are any different, you came from the earth. Yes, you have a purpose like the tree that gives off oxygen, like the sun gives off heat, like the trash that we make daily; we use it to conserve energy in power plants.

So you have a purpose and it ain’t doing what ever you feel like doing every moment of the day.

God made the earth, He made you so you need to do your part and tell others to find out what your purpose is and let’s get to doing it in Love.

We were put here on this earth by God and for God; so why not let His will be in your life?

You should always feel confident that God has our best interest in mind and no matter how we may feel, God is working on the solution just for you and me.

He is already making the crooked places straight. We should walk this journey “Shield of Faith”

(Ephesians 6:16). Holding your head up highly that your faith might protect us.

We should let God handle every little thing in our lives. You know I thank Him for letting me be able to use the bathroom normally. That I be in no pain while I do what has to be done everyday, naturally!! Poop and piss.

All the food you eat during the day goes in comes out and returns to the earth, what is your purpose.

He will tell you if you listen. If we were to let God in on every aspect of our lives by putting our Faith in Him and Trusting Him, we Empower Him to do miraculous and wondrous things for us. Did you feel that today?

Thank God for understanding. Remember God loves you and only want what’s best you.

Can you just open your heart to God to day and know thAt Jesus is Lord!!

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