About Me

My Dad married Mom after a devorce. I’m the oldest of my dad’s second married. They are still married live kicking well.

My mother had a sickly childhood.  A few closet to die experiences. I was considered a miracle baby. So she raise me in the church. Went to Sunday school every Sunday until I was 13. Its a practice I still do today.

After high school I attended DeVry Institute of Technology majoring in Computer Science and Programming. In Columbus, Ohio I rented my own apartment.  Had a fulltime job at Red Lobster. Went to school full time. A Statistics class sent me home packing. But not until I got enough college credits to receive my Computer Programming Associates Degree with completing just 16 more credit hours.

After two years of serious parting and finding who Claude was what he was suppose to be doing. I got  married in 1988 a had an only child. Great Kid grew up hating kids only to end up having two sons that she will do anything for. I’m bless to have ny grandsons real father married to the real mother. (Where they do that@?)

Today I’m working on a Child/Parent Entrepreneur project that’s going to make me a CEO.

This part one of the About Me blog.


Part 2



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