360 Chocolate

I asking you where are you @??

I’m not going to repeat the story of trying to motivate you to do something for yourself with me.

I looking for people that are really done with the JOB era. A JOB was the American way. but it was all for a cost. Your children and your money is what the pay off is for Americans that are living the lie of the American Dream.

The American Dream: Four bed room house, two cars, a boy and a girl as children, don’t for get the dog that is living better then middle class, and let us not for get about the white picket fence. So a lot of people from the South that came up North are sucked in to the American Dream by believing that a Mortgage was the right deal. SMH!! Now they are losing their homes, passing away leaving the children nothing but DEBT.

I quit work a 9 to 5 job years ago. I’m not rich. I’m not poor. But my God is faithful, and as I grow more in to Him, deeper now that I’m a half a century years old, He has guided me every step of the way and NOW He working with me to help others get out of Rat Race of the American Dream. You should be Clapping right there.

We know the You are God through our Testimonies.

God is preparing me to be the Testimony for people I don’t even know yet.

To make a #ALongStoryShort – If you are done with tolerating dealing with the JOB thing and ends just aren’t meeting up. If you are ready to make a change of mind so you can have a real change of life. Contact me and we put minds together so God can help us get to a Higher Cost of Living. Where both can come into agreement so He will be there Blessing the changes as we make them. If we make the plan, if we have a goal, God is going to Bless it cause He wants us to prosper.

We will start on the Renewing of the Mind, then I can tell you what I’ve learn. Not wanting you to buy nothing. I want you to become independent, living a life without working for some else. There are steps to a Higher Cost of Living, learn the steps and lets go one step at a time.

God got our backs. Let’s start this Business Relationship right Now!! I want you to start working your way to the steps. Right now your mind is probably so skeptical about Guru’s trying to get you to join this and join that. Those pitches are for bored people with money to burn. This pitch are for those who have the WantTo but not the money to invest into some else’s idea. What I have is Free from the Heart. Not a Greedy Heart either. Lol!!

If this sounds like you? Feel free to contact me! And I will explain more. Friends help Firnds!!


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