Know How to Talk With Your Master

Know How to Talk With Your Master

Hello My Friend!!

If you are about to read this, I want to thank you for any interest that you have in Claude. I hope that your feelings are not the core of our internet relationship that you just can’t stand me! Lol!! . I hope that you find me interesting. Cause Hey I try.
My Ministry is widows and Single Moms.
Now what means is that I have dedicated my life to the Lord and I have dedicated helping to take care of who He would like for me to do. Yeah I talk to the Lord all day, and if you talk to yourself you should try talking to Him, ‘cause He listen! Plus He has All Power! All Might! To accomplish anything that comes to your mind.
I have learned to take His Word and make it become Physical. Like for example; I have told Him that I need more resources to help to do the business that He and I are cahouts with. (Widows and single Moms) So it was best that I didn’t work for man. So I quit my job all in Faith. So I have not had a 925 five in almost ten years!!
Over them years, our relationship has move to a level of understand and wisdom that you just can’t find in Man/Woman.
Now the time has come for me to put the Spiritual into the Physical! First on the list is Residual Income!! Do the work once and reap the fruitful benefits until your death.
My seed is planted.
Second on the list; $100,000 in one year from the internet!
Why a hundred thousand dollars? You have more friends when you have money. Money is funny, when you have it, you do right with it you can rule over money and money won’t be ruling over you. Plus My God is not Poor!! He has cattle over a thousand hills that I am inherited to.
The light will always shine brighter oh the lamp stand than under the bed.
I say Ye be lifted up and let all things good fall in to my way, in to my path to a financial freedom that has been handed down to me from my Father.
So I say all this to say this! God is! For Me! Is about to throw some Great things in my path. I don’t ever go by my feelings. But if I were to go with them now! 2015 will be the year that I travel around the world, share what He is doing. What He has already Done, and Prosperity is the light that is shinning on top of the light stand. On the Mountain top where you are safe from the pit falls that are below the mountain.
If you hit like Now! I can know who is on the ride with us. Even if you are not the brave one, know that His Spirit lives in us and you are never alone if you can set quit and listen for Him.
Good Morning Everyone!!
@@ Happy Saturday @@

This is documentary of a child that is in need of help with pain. Her parents have found a help for their daughter’s many many seizures. Watch it Here;

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