Medical Marijuana for Kids?

 Medical Marijuana for Kids? This is pt 1 of my cannabis post/blog. Medical marijuana for kids? Pt 2 will be about the cover up by the government to keep medical records to humans out of public eye. Pt 3 is going to be ending comments. How about we picture in your mind you child suffering from cancer and the oil that comes from a cannabis plant is one of the alternatives to help your child from suffering. Lauren Scott has been fighting undifferentiated soft tissue sarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of cancer, for more than 3 years. After a brief period of remission, Lauren’s cancer, in recent months, spread to her lungs, where a large and inoperable tumor makes daily activity, and sometimes breathing, difficult. When morphine could not ease her pain without causing severe nausea, Lauren turned to marijuana for relief. She is 16 years old. Go figure right? Have you seen the ads about all the side of effects to take bi-polar meds. Death is even on the list. I wouldn’t take morphine unless my life depended on it, so for my kids the oils from a cannabis plant would be my answer. There are scientists that say marijuana appears to be relatively safe and well-tolerated by children. “The nice thing about cannabis is that the negative side effects are much less than most other drugs given to children,” Sulak said. Carter agreed: “I do feel, under almost any circumstance, that medical marijuana is safer than opioids.” THE SCIENTIST MAGIZANE In this link I have a series of videos that will give you some more in site on what HEMP is doing to help those that are suffering and may need another way for peace and comfort. Go Here

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