Good Morning! Or Good Morning -2What it is where you reside At!!
Wearyclaude here! Here goes what’s on my mind. Also I will be making this post/blog on how you can use the Net as a website. I also will be telling short stories on little adventures I’ve been having too. So I like to start out with some type of experience I just not too long ago experienced. My buddy was on the road and picked up a stranger at the gas station. My friend saw him with a can, so he offer his services. The man gladly said, thanx and proceed to put his duffle bag in between my friend and himself. They pulled off and so my friend asked the man, “Hey what you got in the duffle bag?” And the stranger said “It’s None of your Damn business what’s in the duffle bag!”
My friend got kind of pisst-off on how he said that in his car. So at the next store my friend decided to get this dude out of his car. Cause he felt like this man is so disrespectful. So the tussled inside the car. My friend then got out the driver side and went to open his passenger side door to let the stranger out. Finally after a couple minutes my friend was able to get the stranger out, lock the door, and run to the driver side, get in and lock the and pull off. He was still heated.
Then some kids in a car next to him point and screaming something. He rolled down the window and the kids were yelling that there was a duffle bag on his passenger door. My friend pulled over and sure enough there was the duffle bag. My friend said, “Well go figure that!” So my friend threw the duffle bag in the passenger seat a proceeded to drive to the crib. When he got there he took out the duffle bag went into the house and throw the duffle bag in the close still a little T’eed.
So I guess you wondering what’s in the duffle Bag Huh? Well that is, None of your Damn business! What’s in the duffle bag! Lmao!!
Okay now for work! Lol! I been studying all the different ways to make money on the web from a home computer. I has been a task to find one that I could trust to get me to my Promised Land, which is $100,000 in one year. Now that my goal is set and after finally finding the Boat that was going to get me there (Empower Network), I am ready to surrender and obey. Cause obedience is better than sacrifice. Yeah, I am sacrificing my time, but my way wasn’t going to get me to my Promised Land so I found the driver of this huge boat Empower Network and so he is teaching me to fish. Only thing is that, he will show you how to bait the hook, but he ain’t gonna bait it for you. EN has all kinds of bate, all you have to do is Bait Your Hooks.
Here is some info of the Boat I am traveling on:

Tohave our own business you need a store front. EN has taught me how to build store fronts (websites). If you were to open a party store, you will need so many things to run it legally. Think about how much money you would have to spend before you could have customers to come through your store front and buy items and different kinds of products. I start my online business with no start up cash. I have to turn the lights on and get my bank account turned on so I can receive money. I had to pay for that, I didn’t mind paying, cause I wants to get paid.

So if you want a learn how to set up your web store for pennies on the dollar go Here:

Now to turn your lights on in your store you will need to link up and commit by signing up to be an affiliate you can do that, Here:
Now if your are already an EN affiliate than you need to be on board when the Boat takes off to launch the next adventure to catch like , want to learn how to generate traffic from a Boss Beast named Vic. To get prepared for the next launch, go Here for the Internet Traffic Formula:

I have been I an affiliate of EN for two months now and they have been nothing but spectacular to me!! I have so much confidence and I have started a group in my home town. I get my windows 7 computer today. That may not sound big to you, but I have been running my business from my android cell. EN has helped me to grow my present business, The Claude’s Upholstery Network. My brother and I have grown since I have learned about Empower Network. We have two more venders that have been added to our customers list. And there are paying well. Now I have a computer (laptop) and a computer being built from scratch!! Thanx to EN!!
So if you are like, me and you want help with setting up your store front. You can find me all over the Net. Another benefit of being serious about what you do. 
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    We are going to invest in to ourselves and give back something that’s was taught us on how to Grow our Business. This letter us from a year ago. We make a new one exception. To be paid in full. But not all in yet.

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