Claude’s My Story pt 2

Claude's My Story pt 2

Good Morning FB. Today I have the computer and I can type just as fast as I can Talk, do let me get this “what’s really on my mind” right this morning.

I know that some of you think I am out my mind trying to get this money on the NET. But it has been nothing but a new life experience having something to think about instead of what I’m going to post on FB or twitter in order to what – stand out in a crowd or to get an immediate gratification out of posting a few words?

You may be tired of me trying to get you to sign up and change your life, just note that I am looking for people that are willing to learn something different for free. It’s going to cost a few bucks to because most of us don’t have a way to work (Home Computer), so to speak, cause if you like me rent is the only thing on the list. Having all the tools and gadgets you need to run a business on line sounds crazy cause I ain’t got time to be on the Internet N E Waz!

Well listen up my friends! Here are the two question I had to ask myself, the reason that has me on the NET trying to position my self to get money on the NET. First question was: Am I going to have $100,000 (To those who don’t know what this is One Hundred Thousand Dollars) at the end of the year before income taxes? Think of this way, if you make $10,000 a year, it would take you ten years to make it and a little longer because taxes has to come out. 2ND question: How much would it cost me in time, money to get a college bachelor graduate degree?
These are two questions that has motivated me in to learning about the Internet at all cost!! Only thing is I can only afford My Time. So this is the reason for this Whats on your mind FB style post today.
Where am I at: First of all since I found Dave and Dave I have use their sweat to help me to better my situation. I can’t got to college cause I owe a college bill of like $12,000 on a lie, that got me sign up and going to a school to place where I knew Nobody. Work 50 hours a week, went to school 30 hours a week, never slept and still didn’t complete the lie I was told after I graduated high school. So I decided to work for myself and commit my time to doing what the Dave’s were doing.
Look at me Now!! I can not explain it to you, because you are going to have to see this for yourself. I am going to be on here for you, all you have to do is call me. I don’t hide, My name is Claude in the street, cause I ain’t scared and God will Always have my back. But what I can do is offer you to school with me, it don’t cost you nothing but what you doing right now? And what’s that: Going to work for somebody that it is going to take you almost 10 years to make a hundred thousand dollars. And what’s that: Still having trouble with paying the rent with the light bill, the gas bill, the car note, and the car insurance are due.
To make a long story short, I know that if I keep trying to help others {my side passion}, and I write a Blog/Post everyday, training from Dave and Dave. I get to take away TEN years of working for somebody else. Thank you Dave and Dave for you inspiration. I thank you guys for leaving me a trail to get out of the Wussy state of mind. I now belong in the Mastermind field. Where minds are structured to Prosper residually for life, for my kids kids kids: This should be a No Brainer…

So listen up, if you are interested to be on the Claude’s College Line to Prosperity, then you better send me you email, cause that is the next step to put my store/website business the road to fill me up with a cash flow that I won’t have to worry when they might turn off the cable/internet cause I was short last month.
IVERSE HERE) March 15,2014
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