Building Faith Buildings

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Building Faith Buildings

Giving Honor 2 the Father; we pray that this Post go out to do what it is sent to do that, You will have It to do 2 better the kingdom that is in Your hand. We Ty! Much!!
This post is going to be words explaining my current situation. I Have No 925 job. If they were to offer, as of this time, I am not motivated to do 925. I have had a many bad experiences with 925′s. But what I will do is train myself, teach myself, I will educate myself by being a stay at home, college student, who major is Entrepreneurship!! Professional! So far it has only cost me in the last six months $200 dollars. I can explain that later. What my cost? My time/My Attention.
Sure, it would seem like every time I go into look something up I start seeing the formula…

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