Building Faith Buildings II

Building Faith Buildings II

Giving Honor 2 the Father; we pray that this Post go out to do what it is sent to do that, You will have It to do 2 better the kingdom that is in Your hand. We Ty! Much!!

This post is going to be words explaining my current situation. I Have No 925 job. If they were to offer, as of this time, I am not motivated to do 925. I have had a many bad experiences with 925′s. But what I will do is train myself, teach myself, I will educate myself by being a stay at home, college student, who major is Entrepreneurship!! Professional! So far it has only cost me in the last six months $200 dollars. I can explain that later. What my cost? My time/My Attention.

Sure, it would seem like every time I go into looked something up I started seeing the formula, the programming codes, and all these different type of distractions. Just like in life, they are on the internet too.

First I played a game called StreetWars on Mocospace (username claude.w1964) still play ut today, and I had not come addicted to playing, but I was just tee’d off at those that had been there way before me, with just xp’s in the billions, Numbers in the Trillions! Not to be left out I made a schedule to get my numbers up so I wouldn’t be getting attacked and beat down so bad.

You know I learned a lot playing that game and others Friendshop. Cause to be at the top you must have a plan/formula to get you; There. You don’t want to keep being attacked by bills past due, and denied credit card statements. You don’t want to keep being attacked by paying for a vehicle ain’t worth two of the month payments you struggling to pay each month for 36 months.
I found a much better/softer way:

That’s why I have built a faith building called “Going to the Promise Land” on Facebook. That is why I built a faith building called “Claudes Upholster Network” on Facebook. Then I built a faith building “Negronation Network” on Facebook. This site where claude822blog resides is the Come2Page.

This building is for faith opportunity. To reach out to those that, need a helping hand to get over that big hump in the highway. I am looking for highly rated minded people to make the body go where it has never been before;

To successful financial freedom land.

Back to the subject, you can start your own faith buildings. These buildings are nothing but a Hope for something different/better way. Working thirty years to get that promised pay after retirement is all a myth. It is all up to you and the Father of this universe; throw in what He as shown me, we together can laugh at those that want to keep us down.

Here is where it can all start. Join us so that you will have a path to the freedom you so much deserve:

If you would like more of this. Click Here:

Love U Much

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