My Story

My Story

I am your Success Advisor, with investing and network marketing knowledge that will help any buisness lift off the ground. We have a wide variety of content, information and tips when it comes to online marketing, social media, entrepreneurship, personal growth/development. We have topics that will help you along the path of true freedom. I am extremely passionate about pushing myself and others to live life to the fullest!
This blog is designed to help inspire and uplift you to create a path of success for yourself and to live up to your highest potential. I believe everyone is born into the world to do something unique and something distinctive…..

How it all started………..

After leaving Columbus, Ohio where I attend DeVry Institute for Technology; major in Computer Science: Soon after I start my journey of jobs, places like E.D.S. From there to Dempsey Data Services. PMH Carramanning. Got married and had a child, one daughter. After 12 years of marriage I had a party that lasted almost 10 years. Now that my grandsons are here, I have taken life to another level.

It was then I realized that 925 just wasn’t going to get me to the Promised Land that I was promised. So, I quite my jobs, which was not hard because they were tired of me as much as I was tired of them. So I asked my God to take care of me and to help me find a better way. Four years ago made a promise to my self to help God to find that better way. And so far, little by little, as much as I can stand, God has been guiding me and protecting me. He sent me Empower Network.

I had known Empower Network for about six months. I join stop because of money and no I have started again under new management. #Tracey Walker is my mentor, of course with Dave and Dave also. This Group EN has help me with the so, so, so many tools and ideals that come from afar. If you just open your ears and your mind and except the message, you can be somebody. I already knew I was somebody, its just now its bout the time for others to see me really in action. I am so ready to start a Game. Not to come off the bench. Its coming yall, its coming, It just has too.

So if you are reading this about me, you must want some of the things I want. Things like being able to pay of the school loan bill the state just won’t let go away. Maybe you want to buy a house so you won’t have to pay a mortgage. How about just to have the financial freedom to do what you want when you want to do it and don’t have to borrow N E money to do it. Then you are in the right place. Read this Blog about one of the reasons for the Freedom Revolution Epidemic: The Spirit will tell you what to do next…

Go Here for Secret:

Here is a LoopHole to Freedom:

Thank U4Reading

God Bless U!!

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