Spiritual Devine Revelation

As I was setting here work ing my business, thinking about how I wanted to actively lend a hand to those who didn’t think that they need help. To help those with a desired for financial freedom. Then I cam to me, Baam!! I came up with my 2014 initiative.

 It is A PERSONAL Goal!!

If I  could only help free 10 people from a financial bondage of working for someone else, never getting ahead, To stop the more jobs they have the less funds they have. To help rebuild and replacing their job income with their #online business income, and helping them to understand how the rules of #entrepreneurship are set up differently than those of employment.

Many speak of #FiringUrBoss, yet aren’t willing to take the steps to do so.

Hopefully that will attract those who TRULY want freedom, hopefully we can find out who honestly are willing to do what it takes to get up out of the mirry clay and redem what is really do Us! Les worries in Life!

Those who aren’t scared of being in control of your own destiny!!

We only have ONE shot at THIS life….and to spend all of it worrying, or stressing, or working, or complaining, or being in debt because no one taught you the blueprint to get out of it, or bugging out, or creating illness in your body because you don’t know how to deal with the reality you created…

To spend our lives doing any of those things is a horrible squandering of Precious Life. Our Father Loves us way more than that.

So, I declare, this day, that I will help free 10 people who want to be freed and replace their enslaved incomes with funds of freedom!

I will help 10 people FireTheirBosses!! @@ BelieveThat @@

Here is a link that I have sweated over to bring to you! No Joke!! There are too many Gurus that would love to take advantage of you. We are here for the duration,  @@ ItsOurTime @@ You can bring your boat, but make sure it’s empty for all the things your Father wants to put in it with you.


To check out the Revolution Freedom Ring epidemic:


Sincerly Yours Truely

Claude Weary/wearyclaude

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