1124 Two days after JFK horrific event 50 years ago and what can you say about the Government?

Today I want to thank a person that is special to a lot of people: Tracy Walker!! Thanx for all you help in advance. Now I don’t feel like I’m stalking you, because in you last video you made November 14 has given me a chance to move on the better things in my business. Truthfully I don’t know how this all going to pan out, but with me following you and the EmpowerNetwork, I can do nothing but fail, and failing is not in my category. So you are the missing link Tracey!

It’s really not about who brought you in to the Circle, it’s what you can get out of the Circle. I thank Chris Robinson for the email. Dave $ Dave are a couple of good Characters, I like them too.

Consider this to be the first blog of all blogs. Quality Insurance is what is coming to mind here. To build a foundation of trust is where it all should began. It’s time to get out of the nest and fly like Eagles. High and above all the rest, because we have a Foundation of the 21st century. We can let Freedom Ring!!

Do what is required and some. Tomorrow is yet not promised to us, but we sure can plant today just so if we do have the pleasure of seeing tomorrow. It will be pleasing to our eyes.


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